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Melody was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Earned a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing & Management from the Art Institute of California - Hollywood.


Her career in styling began in 2012 while working as a sales associate for Nordstrom in Santa Monica. Instagram was fairly new and one of the tasks per department was to put together a few images of pieces that were received that day to post onto the account. She quickly picked up on the impact lighting, angles, and compositions make while taking a shot. Fast forward to 2015, Melody became part of the e-com styling team and quickly became a Senior Stylist for the Nordstrom Rack Product team. Currently is part of the Editorial Styling team, leading photoshoots, and works closely with Art Directors, and Photographers on campaigns and creating social content for Nordstrom Rack. Also styled for Nike, Frank & Eileen, and Liquid Death amongst others. As well as working with ArtWork Creatives and Creative Drive. 

When she's not styling handbags, shoes, or other product pieces, you can catch her snapping images of muscle cars, motorcycles, or off-roading and dispersed camping with her partner Oscar and their pitbull, Hendrix.

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